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2017 year-end summary and reward and punishment conference.
[2018/3/14 18:09:25]
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From March 8thto 9th, 2018, all staff of YantaiYitian, ZhangzhouYitian and of HQ in Yantaioffice held the annual summary conference in the conference room of YantaiYitian Food Co., Ltd.

On March 8th, every department of every company summarized their work. The meeting was held by department managers, and general managers and deputy general managers sat on the meeting.
Summary meeting of logistic department of YantaiYitian
Receptionist (Liu Xiaohong) and documentation specialist (Liu Hong) summarized their work and problems in 2017, and put forward their plans and suggestions of 2018. Logistics manager (QuGuangling) summarized her work and management problems of logistic department.
Summary meeting of business department of YantaiYitian
Purchasing manager DiaoQingkui held the summary meeting of business department. General managerXue Lei and deputy general manager Qiao Hong sit on the meeting. Purchasers and sales reported personal work and discussed the problems they met in 2017.
The deputy general manager of YantaiYitian – Qiao Hong reported her work of 2017
The general manager of YantaiYitian – Xue Lei reported his work of 2017
Staff of ZhangzhouYitian reported their work of 2017 
ZhangzhouYitian has achieved good result in last year's work. They discussed some of the problems existing in the management with other leaders and discussed solutions. Looking ahead to 2018, hope ZhangzhouYitian will run more smoothly.
HQ staff in Yantaioffice reported their work of 2017
Financial supervisor Zhou Xiaona held the meeting.
On March 9th, all Chinese staff (including those in Dubai, Holland and Thailand) took part in the conference. Yu Dehai, SAMEER and Li Mei gave the speech of company development and business development, Jiang Chen explained policies of the company, MouShuling explained the regulations, Zhang Zhuqing explained the policies of rewards and punishments and published the list of rewards and punishments of 2017, and awarded the prizes. Representatives of workers gave the speech.
Annual employee conference
CEO of Onedayone Group Yu Dehai, CFO Li Mei, CMO Sameer gave a speech
Part of prizes and certificates
Good employees took a group photo
Representatives of good employees gave a speech
The two-day annual employee conference had finished completely. All employees communicated more with each other while reporting the work. Thanks all staff for the efforts and contributions to company’s development in 2017. Hope all of you sum up the experience and apply to the practice, and have more outstanding performance in 2018.
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